With over 13 years in the tech industry, I've honed a unique mix of design, development and business knowledge. My ability to seamlessly switch hats has become my core strength and a key asset I bring to every team I've been a part of.

At Thoughtworks, I've spent the last seven years as a Lead Designer, combining solid concepts and approaches to product with innovative ideas and techniques to improve the experience of users. Beyond my professional work, I'm passionate about education, teaching UI design at the university level and delivering lectures and talks that bridge the gap between theory and practice.

As the creator of "El Unicornio Diseñador", a monthly podcast, I explore a wide range of topics within the tech industry, from product and design to development. I'm also at the forefront of the UXDX Barcelona Community, organizing bi-monthly events that foster learning and amongst tech enthusiasts with talks from industry leads.

I'd say I'm a designer at heart, an educator fueled by passion, and a community enthusiast by choice. I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities to explore, share and grow in the tech landscape.

With a solid foundation in both visual and UX design, complemented by hands-on experience in frontend development, I've carved out a niche for myself in the tech industry. My journey over the past decade has been driven by a passion for transforming ideas and concepts into fully-fledged products that prioritize users and usability above all else.

My role as a designer involves not just envisioning product aesthetics and user experience but also bridging the gap between design and development. This unique position allows me to ensure that our projects are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and user-friendly.

My commitment to user-centric design is matched by my dedication to mentorship, guiding both designers and developers to adopt a holistic approach to product development. Through workshops and team collaborations, I emphasize the importance of empathy in design, ensuring that our products resonate with and meet the needs of our users.

As a visual and UX designer with a knack for frontend development, I see myself as a catalyst for innovation, constantly exploring new ways to enhance user satisfaction. My goal is to lead teams in creating products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and accessible, making every interaction a delightful experience for users.

As a visual and UX designer with a deep dive into frontend development, I've specialised in creating user-centric apps and experiences using technologies that prioritise efficiency and quality such as React. My career has been dedicated to not just designing but also building interfaces that stand out for their ease of use and aesthetic appeal, all while ensuring the quality of code is top-notch.

My focus whether I'm designing or developing is on user experience, where I employ my design sensibilities to guide the development process, ensuring that every product I work on is intuitive, accessible and well tailored to the needs of its audience. Collaborating with development teams allows me to bring complex designs to life, enhancing user engagement through interactive and responsive solutions.

Collaboration is key in my approach. Working alongside developers, I strive to foster an environment of learning and innovation, where everybody can feel comfortable being part of the creative process during the whole lifecycle of the product. My goal is to not only contribute with high-quality solutions, but also to help build a team culture that values user-focused development and continuous improvement.

With a robust background as both a Product Manager and Product Owner, I have demonstrated exceptional versatility and expertise in the realm of digital products. My dual experience in managing product lifecycles and prioritizing product backlogs has enabled me to effectively bridge the gap between strategic vision and tactical execution.

As a seasoned UX and frontend developer, I bring a unique perspective to product development, integrating user-centered design principles and technical prowess from the initial stages of product conception. This hands-on technical skill set ensures that products are not only viable but also user-friendly and aligned with market needs.

Committed to Agile methodologies, I have consistently fostered environments of rapid iteration and feedback, which are crucial for adapting products to ever-changing market demands and user expectations. My Agile approach has proven instrumental in leading cross-functional teams through the complexities of product development, ensuring that projects remain on track and within scope.

Throughout my career, I have been a pivotal asset in various industries, adept at navigating the challenges of developing digital products that are both successful and sustainable. My ability to oversee the evolution of these products, coupled with a deep understanding of both user experience and frontend development, positions me uniquely to drive innovation and growth in any digital landscape.

As an educator with four years of experience teaching interface design at the university level, I have dedicated myself to not only imparting technical skills but also nurturing critical thinking and creativity among my students. My teaching approach is centered on providing real-world insights and hands-on experience, which prepares students for the challenges of the tech industry.

I emphasize the importance of both aesthetic appeal and functionality in creating user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that my students can deliver comprehensive digital solutions. Additionally, my role as a jury member for final-year projects and dissertations at institutions like BAU has allowed me to contribute to the academic rigor and quality of future digital product professionals.

Beyond my university teaching, I also engage with business school students, delivering talks on the lifecycle of digital products, from design to delivery. These presentations aim to bridge the gap between technical design and business strategy, providing a holistic view of product development in the digital age.

This involvement enriches my teaching, as I bring back valuable insights and trends from the industry to the classroom, enhancing the educational experience and career readiness of my students.

As a Digital Product Outreach Specialist, my primary focus is on educating and sharing knowledge and experiences related to the digital product landscape. Through my podcast, "El Unicornio Diseñador," I delve into various aspects of digital products, covering everything from design and development to product management. Each episode is crafted to enlighten and inspire, providing listeners with insights into the complexities and nuances of creating successful digital products.

My commitment to education extends beyond the podcast. I actively collaborate with artists and researchers who are at the forefront of utilizing digital technologies. One notable collaboration involves working with Dr. Quelic Berga on his thesis, "Creació i investigació crítica d’interfícies gràfiques d’usuari per a l’edició audiovisual" (A Critical Creation and Investigation of Graphical User Interfaces for Audiovisual Editing). This partnership allows me to explore the intersection of technology and critical theory, enhancing my understanding and ability to communicate complex ideas effectively.

Additionally, I work with digital artists like Damià Vives, who uses code to create innovative art installations and projects. These collaborations not only enrich my own perspective but also enable me to bring a diverse range of topics and experiences to the audience, further broadening the scope of my outreach efforts. Through these partnerships, I aim to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of how digital technologies can be harnessed creatively and effectively in various domains, especially in Art.

Furthermore, I am actively involved in driving a community in Barcelona in collaboration with UXDX, which fosters collaboration in the digital landscape. We organize bi-monthly gatherings where we host talks from industry experts in design, UX, product, and development. These events serve as a vibrant platform for professionals to connect, share, and innovate together, enhancing the collective knowledge and capabilities of the digital community.

Overall, my role as a Digital Product Outreach Specialist is not just about sharing knowledge but also about creating a platform for continuous learning and discussion. By engaging with experts across different fields, I ensure that my audience gains a comprehensive view of the digital product ecosystem, making every interaction a valuable learning experience.

I am deeply passionate about connecting with people and discovering new, intriguing profiles and individuals across the tech industry. My journey so far has enriched my network with diverse talents from various domains, including design, development, and digital art. The projects I've been involved with have allowed me to have had the privilege of engaging with leading minds and fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning.

I am always on the lookout for unique perspectives that challenge conventional thinking and push the boundaries of what is possible in digital product development, Whether it's discussing the latest trends in user interface design, exploring critical theories in digital media, or brainstorming on the next big idea in tech, I am eager to connect and dive deep into conversations that spark creativity and lead to transformative solutions.

Feel free to reach out and connect with me. I'm always up for a chat and excited to explore new opportunities together.

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